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Accepting Applications for 2022!

Only a few spots remaining. Apply today!

Dates for 2022: June 5 - June 25

Tour includes Northeast of the U.S. including New York Ratha Yatra and New Vrindavan 24-hour Kirtan

Leave: 6pm on June 5th from Alachua, FL
Return:  June 25th to Alachua, FL

Age Requirements: 12 – 15*

*Ages 11 and 16 are permitted to come on a case by case basis.      

Cost : Everyone involved in this project volunteers their time. We see this service as our contribution to Srila Prabhupada's ISKCON movement. Your daughter's donation covers their expenses to travel.

Click here for fee schedule. Please sign up early for Early Bird Special (deposit due on April 15th. Final payment by May 30th). 

Application: Please fill out the online application form found under the Apply Section. We will be accepting the initial batch of applications until March 21st. Please get your application in by then in order to ensure that we will have the space. By April 1st, you will be informed if your child has secured a spot on the tour. We will hold your daughter's spot until April 30th.  If we do not get a deposit by $400 by April 30th, the spot will open up to other girls on the waiting list.

Airplane Travel dates can be found under the FAQ section.


Description of the Tour

Kishori Yatra girls’ tour is an all-inclusive, spiritual adventure tour bringing girls, ages 12-16, to different temples and communities around North America during the summer. It focuses on developing vaisnava qualities, visiting holy places, building friendships, and providing a framework for loving devotional service to be performed. The girls engage in service opportunities at the temples they visit and give the temples their expression of bhakti through a devotional arts presentation. They also engage in adventure activities such as camping, recreational games, and occasionally visit theme parks. 

Dedicated to:
ISKCON Founder Acarya
His Divine Grace
A.C. Bhaktivedanta
Swami Prabhupada

For Older Youth:

Krishna Culture
Festival Tour

(The Bus Tour)


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