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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I sign up my child?

The first step is to fill out the online application form found under the Apply Section. We will be accepting the initial batch of applications until February 21st. Please get your application in by then in order to ensure that we will have the space. By March 2nd, you will be informed if your child has secured a spot on the tour. We will hold your daughter's spot until April 15th.  If we do not get a deposit by April 15th, the spot will open up to girls on the waiting list. The Early Bird Special requires a full payment by April 15th. The regular fee requires the full payment by Ma The next step is to get the registrational form signed (under the Apply section) and get it notarized. Finally, send in the Registration form to our mailing address, in person, or send a scan to our email address: jkaseder@gmail.com. Then make sure that your child has an ID. 

2. What does the tour use to travel in?

We have a beautiful customized Greyhound style bus.

3. Does my child need an ID to travel on Kishori Yatra?

Yes, a photo ID is required. A school ID or state ID or Passport work.

4. Are there any other requirements for Alachua participants on Kishori Yatra?

Yes, all local Alachua participants must attend 1 orientation meeting prior to trip.

5. What is the best airport to fly into?

Gainesville (GNV) is our closest airport. Jacksonville (JAX) is next best. We can provide transportation from Jacksonville or Gainesville airport. From Jacksonville - $75 one-way. From Gainesville - $10.
We do not offer any transportation from Orlando.

6. What day should I book my child's flights for?

Please book your flights for arrival on the day before we leave. Return flights should be booked for the day after we return.

7. Where will my child stay before and after the tour?

If you do not have any contacts in the Alachua, FL area, we can help you to find a place to stay one day prior to leaving and one day after arriving home. If they we be in Alachua. Longer than that time, we suggest you make alternate arrangements for your child's stay.

8. How much spending money should I send?

We feel that $10 per week is an appropriate amount. If your child would like to buy souvenirs or gifts along the way, you may send more. $100 is our maximum allowable amount with $75 allocated for spending and $25 for necessities. If your child does not need/use her necessities money, it will be returned to you at the trip's end. 

9. How will valuables be stored?

We keep all IDs and spending money for the girls so that they do not lose them.

10. Can my child bring a cell phone?

The girls can use organizer cell phones whenever they need to call home. We do not allow cell phones on the tour.

11. How will my child do if she not know anyone on the tour ahead of time?

Our focus is to connect all of our girls so that they make lasting devotee friendships. Most girls have no trouble making friends by the end of the tour.

12. What is your Covid-19 mitigation policy?

Each Kishori must have negative PCR test within 72 hrs of leaving on Kishori Yatra regardless of vaccination status. On Kishori Yatra, we will spend the first few days together establishing our cohort. After 3 days, each Kishori will take a rapid test. If your child is found to be Covid-positive during the trip, she will need to be picked up from our location and taken into parental care.

13. Does my child have to be vaccinated to go on Kishori Yatra?

Vaccination is an individual choice. It is not required for Kishori Yatra but is recommended.