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About Us

Kishori Yatra began in 2008 in the tradition of the Boys' Summer Trip initiated by Rtadvja Swami. Its aim is to give girls, ages 11-16, an opportunity to travel throughout North America, visiting temples, performing devotional service, and learning the basics of Krsna Consciousness, all within an enviroment of adventure and friendship.

The founding organizers are Jaya Sri Radhe dasi and Anapayini dasi, both accomplished devotees within our ISKCON Society.

Jaya Sri Radhe dasi has been organizing the Bus Tour since 1995 with her husband, Manorama dasa, and has been an elementary school teacher since 1999. In 2013, she opened a middle school/high school, called Krishna Sharanam, which is part of Bhaktivedanta Academy in Alachua, FL. She has also completed her Masters in Educational Administration.

Jaya Sri Radhe dasi partners with like-minded devotee friends to present Kishori Yatra as an offering to Srila Prabhupada. Some of the other chaperones are fellow teachers, parents, and dedicated devotees. Some of these dedicated souls include:  Shantipur dasi, an upper elementary school teacher at Bhaktivedanta Academy in Alachua, FL. Serving since 2009. Yamuna dasi, a middle school science teacher and mother. Serving since 2008. Lalita Sakhi dasi, an occupational therapist for school-aged children and mother. Serving since 2008. Nadiya Mani dasi, a teacher and accomplished kirtan singer/musician. Serving 3 years. Jahnava Jivana dasi, a real estate agent and youth program enthusiast. Serving since 2013. Krsna Priya dasa, an elementary/middle school principal and previous Boys' Summer Trip organizer. Serving since 2008. Manorama dasa, youth minister and youth program organizer. Serving since 2008.